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Hold My Shoes

Hold my shoes creates unique personalized experiences at mass events; combining the power of a digital platform, storytelling and one of a kind inflatables.

The Beast

We bring world’s most awesome inflatable obstacle course, aka The Beast, as a tool for your guests to relive their childhood. Take on the challenge and enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Our inflatables are a tool to kickstart people’s lives with a healthy lifestyle and movement.


Treating each visitor as an individual is never easy when you work with a huge event audience.

Your guests never have to queue and we provide them with photos and videos of them after enjoying their event hands free. Make every individual stand out in the crowd.


Hold My Shoes is a team of creators who translate your objectives and goals into a unique event experience.

Whether you are a festival energizing your visitors, a company that wants to improve the relationship in between their teams or a venue aiming to attract a new target audience, our creations have a lasting impact.

Challenge us!

let's create an awesome event together!

Ready to book world's most awesome inflatable The Beast, or want to learn more about our packages for corporations, festivals and venues?

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The Beast on tour

‘The Beast’ is traveling the world as a stand alone event for both B2C and B2B purposes, combined with delicious food and drinks. Experience the thrill by beating our (very) plus size obstacle track with your friends or colleagues and have the time of your life!

Overcome obstacles in life by overcoming The Beast challenge.

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The Beast hire

You’re in search of a game changing eye-catcher for your festival, corporate event, fundraiser or sport event, hire The Beast! It has all ingredients you need to deliver success: the size, the visuals, the attractiveness and the fun factor.

The Beast has the power to send out a big message or make people forget about anything.

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One of our B2B teambuilding concepts where everything is possible if you the meet up with your good intentions. We provide a wide ranch of teambuilding activities for you and your colleagues, accompanied by all sorts of food and drinks, but everything has its price.

Want to drink a nice beer or eat a delicious burger, sure, but you’ll have to work for it through earning credits on crazy challenges.

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Your company has been hacked by anonymous so join team forces and make your way to download the antivirus. We provide a big inflatable obstacle track to collect the 100 % antivirus you need, but other colleagues need to fulfill other challenges first.

Rely on each other, discuss a proper tactic and restore this situation. Team up because time is ticking!

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Have you ever seen an inflatable photobooth where people register through RFID, check out an instruction movie on a big screen, jump like crazy and get all their personalized content through Facebook Messenger before they can even blink? Of course not, it doesn’t exist!

Book our Jumpshot Photobooth and we’ll prove it!

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Digital platform

You came to the right address if you’re having troubles organizing your event in a decent digital way. Our digital platform ‘Lisa’ can arrange registration, payment, user generated content, gamification,... and all personalized features you request.

Stop worrying and let us take care of the digital side of your event so you can focus on your talents.

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Featured events

  • December 14 - 17 2017

    The Beast Dublin

    • Dublin
    • Ireland
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  • December 8 - 17 2017

    The Beast Birmingham

    • Birmingham
    • UK
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  • July 22 - 30 2017

    Jamboree Denmark 2017

    • Sønderborg
    • Denmark
  • July 2017


    • Boom
    • Belgium
  • August 11 - 18 2017

    Malmöfestivalen 2017

    • Malmö
    • Sweden
  • August 25 - 28 2017

    The Beast London

    • Alexandra Palace
    • London

What people
are saying

  • Brilliant idea, pefectly executed
  • Admired the wonderful feeling sliding through the end
  • The Best Nostalgic Activity Ever
  • This was a definite added value to our festival
  • Crazy, adventurous, exhausting, satisfying, fun!
  • I felt like a kid again
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